Opened in 1999, Eshine Homestay is a highquality private lodge with a long history of nearly 20 years. The hosts have spent almost ten years on continuous improvements in order to create an ideal living environment here. As a secluded paradise next to Yenping tribal group, this quiet homestay surrounded by mountains has a serene ambience with its own vegetable garden and chicken coop. The visitors can easily see a hen walking slowly on the lawn with little chicks behind. In a cloudless night, the guests can see a sky full of stars . The owners Oscar and his wife Grammy are the soul of this place. Hospitality and warmth of this couple are the main reason behind smooth operation over these years. Oscar loves to share his passion and life experiences with others and Grammy’s gourmet food provides comfort to the guests’bodies and soul.

Health-conscious Grammy was a nurse. Without artificial additives, cookies and bread she makes by hand use ingredients from her vegetable garden and agricultural produce of her tribal friends and small farmers to provide natural flavor. The breakfast has bread made by Grammy, hand-made jam of the season, rice ball with vegetables, eggs, soybean milk with grain powder, etc. As a good chef, she is always able to combine seasonal ingredients perfectly to present impressive dishes. Without rare, expensive ingredients, the family dishes here can still touch your heart.